How to Reduce Cholesterol Quickly – 5 Techniques to Get Your Numbers Down Fast

So you want to learn how to reduce cholesterol quickly. It can be a tricky task, but with the right commitment and dedication, yes, you can get those numbers down. Here are 5 techniques to help you lower cholesterol fast and be on the way to a healthier heart.

1. Do vigorous exercises at least 30 minutes daily

Most public health organizations recommend 30 minutes of daily moderate exercise  to lower cholesterol. But if you’re looking for how to reduce cholesterol quickly, you should do vigorous exercises. So if you normally walk after work daily, why not run instead. If you regularly do 10 laps in your community pool, do 20 laps, and you’ll be that much nearer to your cholesterol level goal.

2. Double your intake of dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber

One of the best ways to get those numbers down is to increase your intake of fiber, especially soluble ones. Oatmeal, vegetables, fruits and whole grain cereal… these foods are healthy for you and are great for reducing cholesterol.  So if you want to lower cholesterol fast, you can eat oatmeal for breakfast and dinner. Add some fruits and vegetables on the side for a healthy, delicious meal you’ll enjoy.

3. Lose that excess weight now

If you’re carrying some excess paunch, you need to start shedding that excess fat now. The problem with excess body fat is that it causes your body to not metabolize cholesterol very well, so it means more cholesterol in your blood unable to be eliminated. So you need to make the commitment to get your weight down to a healthier, more manageable level.

4. Consider taking supplements to lower cholesterol

Many people have been able to reduce cholesterol with supplements. Some of the popular ones include red yeast rice, fenugreek and niacin. Of course, it is very important to talk to your health care practitioner first before taking any of these things. This is especially true if you’re taking any maintenance medications, as these supplements can have interactions with the drugs you’re taking.

5. Keep your eye on the goal and be determined to succeed

This is probably the most important thing you need on how to reduce cholesterol quickly. To lower cholesterol fast, you need to make a commitment to follow these steps until you reach your goal. The problem with people nowadays is the fact that they want quick fixes that magically make the problem disappear – but well, it doesn’t quite work out that way.

If you really want to reduce your cholesterol level fast, you truly need to keep your eye on your goal and not give up. Stay committed, and you will soon see those numbers drop. So lower cholesterol fast with exercise, diet, weight loss, supplements, and the most important thing of all: determination.